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Hand-Crafted, Soft and Buttery Caramels - 1.5 lb Bag ~ approx. 38 pieces

Knudsen's Caramels 1.5 lb Bag
Knudsen's Caramels 1.5 lb Bag
Knudsen's Caramels 1.5 lb Bag
Knudsen Caramel
Knudsen Caramel
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    Knudsenā€™s Caramels---rich, buttery, unforgettable bites of old fashioned goodness.

    Our caramels are made in small batches with only the finest ingredients available. They are a soft, buttery unforgettable delight.

    Since we add no preservatives, our caramels should be stored in the refrigerator but enjoyed at room temperature.

    Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail for the US only. If you would like to order multiple bags / boxes to one address, you'll receive a shipping credit when shipped for actual shipping and handling charges. Orders placed late in the week usually ship on Monday.

    Please e-mail or call 888-388-1970 for other shipping options (USPS, UPS) or destinations.

    1.5 lbs of hand-crafted, soft and buttery caramels. (approx. 38 pieces)

    Knudsen's Caramels
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